Industrial Gearboxes

Popular Industrial Gearboxes and Their Applications

Industrial gearboxes

Industrial gearboxes find wide-scale usage across devices in different industries. An industrial gearbox transmits mechanical energy to an output device to regulate speed, torque, etc., and convert the energy into a usable format. There are different types of Industrial gearboxes and have a wide range of applications.

Most people would ask about how transmission is different from a gearbox. The answer is that two are two separate units. Transmission refers to the larger drivetrain that is supported by gearboxes, clutch, prop shafts, final drive shafts, and the differential.

Here is a look at the popular industrial gearboxes and their applications:

Helical gearboxes

Compact in size, helical gearboxes are used for a broad range of industrial applications – specifically for heavy-duty operations. This gearbox is unique because it is fixed at an angle that facilitates more teeth to interact in the same direction when the gearbox is in motion. The benefit is that this arrangement facilitates greater contact for a longer period.

Extruder Helical Gearboxes are used where there is a specific need to maximize torsion stiffness or in the case of low-noise applications. Besides being used in crushers and collers, they are also used as gearboxes for conveyors.

Coaxial Helical

Coaxial helical gearboxes are designed to optimize load and transmission ratios. They find applications in light-duty applications, hence are one of the more popular gearboxes in the market.

Bevel Helical

The bevel helical gearboxes present a curved collection of teeth mounted on the cone-shaped surface at the unit’s rim. The primary function of bevel helical gearboxes is to provide rotatory motions between non-parallel shafts.

These gearboxes find application in quarries, conveyors, and the mining industry.

Worm Reduction Gearboxes

Worm reduction gearboxes are used to drive heavy-duty operations. Its efficacy lies in its unique design that has a large-diameter worm wheel. This worm wheel is entwined with the teeth on the outer rim. Hence, Worm Gearboxes function like a screw and cause the wheel to rotate in the same way.

These gearboxes are used in heavy industries such as fertilizers, chemicals, and minerals.

Planetary Gearboxes

The planetary gearboxes are known for their precise applications, durability, functionality, and accuracy. These industrial gearboxes come either in a solid type of hollow format or with a variety of mounting options. They can increase the lifespan of the equipment and enhance performance.

They have a wide range of applications starting with robots to printing presses. They are generally used in packaging machines, wheel drives, pumps, cutter head drives, etc.

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