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A Complete Guide to Helical Gearboxes

Modular helical gearbox

Helical Gearboxes are the most popular gearboxes used in small-scale and large-scale industries. In a helical gearbox, you will find teeth that are oriented at an angle to the shaft. This design allows more than one tooth to be in contact during operations. As a result, the movement is faster and the gearbox is capable of handling more load. 

The superior load capacity has caused the wide-scale application of gearboxes across industries. Helical gearboxes are used in the textile, plastic and food industries. Furthermore, there is an integral component of conveyor belts, elevators, blowers, compressors, cutters, etc. 

The load-sharing capacity between the teeth of the Helical Gearbox has also resulted in its usage in heavy work sectors such as earth-moving, fertilizers and printing industries. 

Types of Helical Gearboxes and Their Applications

There are different types of helical gearboxes – single helical gear, double helical gear and herringbone gear. Santram Engineers offer a host of helical gearboxes of different configurations such as Helical H1 125 3.05:1; Helical H1 125 3.38:1 Parallel Helical Gearboxes, etc. 

Single Helical Gearboxes

In single helical gearboxes, the teeth are designed at a certain angle from the axis. As a result, the orientation can either be left or right of the gear. This increases the load capacity of the gearbox and hence this gearbox has found utility in high-load applications. 

Double Helical Gearboxes

In a double-helical gearbox, two helical surfaces are placed against each other. Each surface has similar and opposite helix angles, separated by a gap, which results in greater engagement between the teeth and smoother movement. 

Herringbone Gear

The herringbone gear is similar to the double-helical gearbox, but there is no gap separating the two surfaces. They are smaller in size and are used for high-shock and vibration applications. However, they are not so widely used because they are difficult to manufacture and highly expensive. 

Benefits and Applications of Helical Gearboxes

The unique design of the helical gearboxes makes it highly beneficial for industrial applications. The reason for this is that the angled teeth engage more smoothly and function more efficiently. Helical gearboxes are highly durable and hence they find application in high-load works. They also can transmit motion and power between parallel or right-angle shafts. 

Helical gearboxes are also used low power applications such as conveyors, mixers, cranes, coolers, extruders and crushers. 

If you are looking for the right helical gearbox, you can get in touch with Santram Engineers – the leading supplier of power-transmission products. 

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