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A Complete Guide to Geared Vs Gearless Lift Machines


What is Geared Vs Gearless Lift Machine?

A common challenge that most builders face is choosing between geared and gearless Material Lifting Machines. The dilemma is simple because both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here we are listing down the features of both traction elevators to help you choose between the two. 

Machine Room

The machine room is a significant variation between geared and gearless material lift machines. A machine room is built above the elevator shaft and is used to mount the wheel and electric motor. 

However, in a gearless traction elevator, the wheel is directly connected to the engine and the cabin. As a result, gearless material lift machines do not need a machine room. 

Energy Consumption

Geared motors are preferred because of their efficiency. Gearless material lift machines and power transmission products are slowly winning over the market because they are compact and extremely energy efficient. Gearless lift machines are about half the size of a geared motor. As a result, the performance is higher and more energy efficient. 


Gearless material lifting machines can move at a speed of up to 610 meters per minute and move a distance of up to 600 meters. Geared lifts, on the other hand, can move at a speed of 152 m per minute and a maximum height of 75 meters. Both geared and gearless Power Transmission Products have the same load capacity. While the difference is obvious, you might want to list down your requirements to pick out a traction lift that suits your needs. 


Damage repair and maintenance are costly for geared lifts. Geared material lifting machines have larger engines and need large tools. Also, grease needs to be applied or changed regularly to geared motors. 

On the other hand, the expenses towards the maintenance of gearless traction elevators are much lower as these lifts are smaller in size and do not use oil. 

On the face of it, gearless material lifting machines seem to be the obvious choice. However, before making a decision you must consider the costs. Gearless lifts are quite expensive as compared to geared lifts. 

Take into account different aspects and your requirements, and check if a geared material lifting machine can meet all your needs. If it does, then you needn’t purchase a gearless lift. 

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