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The Cooling Tower Demands Different Operational Requirements From A Gearbox, Santram Engineers Being Into The Power Transmission Industry For More Than 3 Decades , Understands And Has Grown Upon To Provide As The Demand.

Be It For Operating Large Diameter Axial Fans , The De-icing – Reverse Processing , High Temperatures On Operation , Or A Very Humid Environment – Santram Provides The Solution With The Best Quality Cooling Tower Gearbox.

Cooling Tower Gearbox Product Specifications :

  • Case Hardened And Lapped Steel Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Are Provided For Torque Transmission Between The Right Angle Shaft.
  • Our Cooling Tower Gearboxes Have A Unicast Case, Three-Point Foundation With Pump Less Lubrication, Which Is Unique In Design
  • It Has A Combination Of Labyrinth Double Oil Seal Arrangement At Fan End With Double Oil Seal At Motor End.
  • Taper/Cylindrical/Spherical Roller Baerings Are Used.
  • The Standard Direction Of Rotation Is “Clockwise” At Both The Input/Output Shafts When Viewed Onto Respective Shaft End.


Cooling Tower Gearbox Technical

Specifications :

Power Range : Upto 600kW
Reduction Ratio : Upto 15.4 : 1
Sizes : 140 – 450mm Centre Distance
Reduction Stages : Single/Double
Service Factor : Minimum 2.0 ( As Per AGMA / CTI Recommendation )
Special Fabrication As Per Custom Built Available

Single Reduction Right Angle Cooling Tower Gearbox

Reduction : 1 Stage
Power : 5 – 100 kW
Ratio : 2 – 10:1

Double Reduction Right Angle Cooling Tower Gearbox

Reduction : 2 Stage
Power : 40 – 380 kW
Ratio : 7:1 – 20:1

“A” Series Cooling Tower Gearbox
Mounting Holes In The Gear Case
Shaft Motor Aligned Horizontally
Helps In The Replacement Of Gear Drives

Drive Shafts

The Torque Transmission Required To Rotate The Fan ( Of Cooling Tower ) ,The Connecting Link Between The Input Shaft Of Gearbox And The Electric Motor Is Provided By The Drive Shafts.
Helps Achieve Optimal Performance.

Cost Effective – The Foot Patterns Of Gear Housing Are Identical – Support Of Tower Gear Drive And The Fan Pitch Adjustments Unnecessary .

Warranty Terms :
The Cooling Tower Gearboxes Provided By Santram Engineers Have A Guaranty Of 12 Months After The Installation Against Any Defect In Material Or Workmanship When Operated Under The Appropriate Conditions .

Rotational Direction :
Clockwise Rotation Of Both Shafts – Under Normal Conditions .
Occasionally The Counterclockwise Rotation Of Both The Shafts Is Permitted.

If The Primary Rotational Direction Requirement Is Counterclockwise / Shaft Need To Rotation In Opposite Directions – Provided Upon Order.

Output Shaft :
Cylindrical Output Shaft / Tapered Output Shaft


Applications :

  • Cooling Towers
  • Heat Exchangers

Industry :

  • Cement
  • Paper
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Sugar
  • Steel
  • Power Plants