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Santram Engineers Is The Most Acclaimed Name When It Comes To The Quality Gearboxes.The Aerator Gearbox Are Used For Transmission Purpose .

The Gearbox Is Designed And Selected In Accordance To The Client Requirement With The Performance Protocol As The Priority. Premium (Earlier Radicon / Greaves ) Made Aerator Gearbox Are Made Of The Highest Quality Raw Material With The Most Advanced Technology , And Tested On Various Different Parameters By The Quality Examiners.

To Cater The Specific Characteristic Requirements In Aerator Applications , Our Company Offers A Wide Range Of Aerator Gearbox.

The “GA” Series Parallel Shaft Vertical Gear Functions In Triple Reduction To Fulfill Its Application.

  • As Per The AGMA Standards,The Service Factor Of 1.75 And 1.5 For Gearboxes And Shaft Power For Oxidation Ditches , And The Latter For The Mixed Tank ( Complete )
  • High Efficiency On Each Stage ( Not Less Than 99% ).
  • Alloy Steel Is Used In Manufacturing Of Pinion Shaft / Gears.
  • Low Noise
  • Low Vibration Level
  • In The Gearboxes For The Torque Higher Than 5000 KN , For The Perfect Lunrication – Mechanical Oil Pump Is Provided For Ensuring The Lubrication Of Bearing – To Avoid The Oil Leakage, The Inverted Dry Well Can be Provided.
  • The Lifting Lugs Fit To The Gearboxes With The Oil Level Indicator And Removal Of Oil Connection Facility Is Highly Recommended.
  • The Protection Film Secures The Internal Surface For Long Term Storage.

Our Range Of Aerator Gearbox Have The Following Key Features :
1) High Performance
2) Easy Installation
3) Low Maintenance


Aerator Duty Gearboxes Technical Specifications :

Power : Upto 125 kW
Size : 112 – 250
Ratio Range : 25.6:1 – 42.5:1

Aerator Duty Gearboxes Applications :

  • Aerator
  • Water Filtration