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Fluid CouplingThe Rotating Mechanical Power Transmission Can Be Achieved By The Fluid Coupling
(Otherwise Named – Hydraulic Coupling / Oil Fluid Coupling ).

It Transmits The Power From The Motor To The Driven Machine Which Maybe The Conveyors , Fans , Ball Mills , Centrifuge , Hoist , Pump , Crane .

Santram Engineers Offers A Wide Range Of Fluid Couplings And Spares At Very Competitive Rates.

Fluid Coupling Product Specifications :

  • Smooth Jerk Less Power Transmission
  • In Heavy Industries – They Are Used As Power Saving Device.
  • It Is Suitable For Both Fixed Speed And Variable Speed Applications.
  • High Performance
  • It Provides Shockless And Soft Start To The Machine
  • Aluminium Alloy castings Are Used For The Manufacturing Of The Components Of SDFC /FCU Which Ensure Maximum Durability.
  • It Is A Rugged Compact Solid Shaft Unit , Which Provides An Additional Benefit Of Control Nozzles And Delayed Filling Chamber.

Fluid Coupling Technical Specifications :

Sizes : 8 – 41 & 290 – 1040
Torque Range: – 150% – 250% & 110% – 275%
Power Range :Upto 1850 KW
Variable Speed For Power :Upto 11000 KW

Magnetic CouplingsPembril Fluid Coupling

The Pembril Fluid Coupling ( PFC ) Provides A Light Load Start Which Ensures The Protection Of Both The Motor And The Machine From The Overload .

It Enables The Usage Of Comparatively Smaller Motor By Permitting A Quick Speed Where For The Start Of The Machine , The Overload Capacity Can Be Made Usage Of .

The Initial Oil Fill Determines The Start / Stall Torque.
The PFC Has Aluminium Alloy Castings.
Output : Multidisk Semi Flexible Coupling
Input : Diaphragm Mount
Bores / Keyways : As Per Requirement
Smaller Fluid Coupling : Fusible Plugs Installed – Protective Feature Against Excess Temperature Rise

 Fluid Coupling


The V Belt Pulley Is Incorporated With The FP Type – To Replace The Pulley Mounted Upon The Motor Shaft In A V-Belt Drive .
Provides A Soft Start To The Motor ,
Avoid Overload Damage , And Provides A Controlled Acceleration.

Vertical Shaft Mounting Is Available
The FP Type Can Be Provided Excluding The Pulley Sheave As Per The Customer Requirements .
Simple Installation Process – Dismantling Avoided
Unit Sizes : 0.1 kW – 93 kW
Fusible Plugs Installed – Protective Feature Against Excess Temperature Rise
The Initial Oil Fill Determines The Start / Stall Torque.

Applications :

  • Conveyor
  • Crushers
  • Mixers
  • Ball Mills
  • Clinker Grinder
  • Pre-heater
  • Pumps
  • Ring Granulator
  • Centrifuges
  • Pumps
  • ID Fans
  • FD Fan
  • PA Fan
  • Boiler Feed Pump
  • Hammer Mills
  • Cranes
  • Rotary Dryers
  • Agitator
  • Various Other Industrial Drives

Industries :

  • Thermal Power
  • Cement
  • Iron And Steel