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Extruder Gearbox

The Core Technology Of Any Extruder Is In The Gear.

Santram Engineers Brings To The Extrusion Systems – The Non-Compromising High Quality Extruder Gearbox , As The Failures And The Permanent Strains Due To The Drive Torques Which Are Extreme Can Create Great Economic Risks To The Operator Due To The Delay.

Having Proven The Efficacy Of Extruder Gearbox By Santram Sets The Reliability Standards Which Are Unparalleled With Utmost Client Satisfaction.

Santram Engineers Private Limited Is A Prominent Name In The Industry Since 26 Years.

Owing To Our Experience And Coupled With Modern Technology And Experience, We Offer The Finest Gearboxes Of Exceptional Quality And Premium Choice For Dependable Services To Our Clientele.

These Gearboxes are fabricated using cast iron/ casing with case hardened and profile ground gears and pinions.

Extruder Gearbox Product Specifications :

  • Greaves Make “GHE” Series Extruder Gearboxes Give High Performance.
  • The Built-In Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing Absorb The High Axial Thrust Load , Allowing These Gear Units To Transmit The High Torque Necessary For Plasticizing And Pressurizing Molding Material.
  • Easy To Install.
  • To Accomodate The Suitable Thrust Bearings,The Axial Bearing Housing Of The Extruder Gearbox Is Standardized And The Corresponding Output Shafts That Come With The Key Are Splined.
  • We are engaged in providing a wide range of gearboxes, which is used in plastic and PVC extrusion. These GHE series Greaves make gearboxes are high performing and easy to install. The high torque necessary for plasticizing and pressurizing molding material can be transmitted with the help of these gear units. Through built-in spherical roller thrust bearing, the gear unit transmits high torque to absorb the high axial thrust load.
  • Moreover, to accommodate suitable thrust bearings, the axial bearing housing is standardized and the corresponding output shafts which come with key are splined.
  • Shaft Extension Keyway : IS:2048
  • Maximum Operating Reliability
  • Low Noise And Smooth Running
  • They Can Also Be Driven Via Two Motors
  • The Standard Motors Are Made use Of

Extruder Gearbox Technical Specifications:

Power Range : upto 500 kW
Reduction Ratio : 5.06:1 – 25.6:1
Sizes : Upto 450 mm Centre Distance
Types : Single Screw/Twin Screw
Handing : LH/RH
Mounting : Horizontal / Vertical
Torque : 1560 Nm – 15550 Nm

Installation Solutions :

The Installation Procedures Are Universal

Extruder Gearbox Applications :

  • Plastic Extrusion
  • PVC Extrusion
  • For The Pipe And Cable Coating Systems
  • In The Packaging Industry For The Film Blowing Systems.
  • For The Plastic Containers Blowing Systems
  • In The Automotive Industry – Fuel tank Production
  • Rubber Profile Extruders
  • For The Production Of Flat Film