Use of Industrial Power Transmission in Emerging Businesses

With a projected GDP of 7.8% for the year 2019, India seems to be a great opportunity for many national and international business to venture in. With this growth, we can infer the surface of business in industries like textile, ceramics, chemical, cement, rubber, paper, and more.

Power Transmission Product

As you might be tempted to invest, we have given below the emerging industries along with their industrial power transmission required to run the unit or plant.

1. Plastic
Plastic industries will require power transmission products such as extruder gearboxes for rotational moulding, lamination, strapline and pipe manufacturing.

2. Ceramic
The ceramic factories need stirrer geared motors, hopper gearboxes, conveyor gearboxes, and Ball mill helical gearboxes.

3. Pharma
Pharma Industries need industrial power transmission products such as helical geared motors, aluminium worm geared motors, and tabletting machines.

4. Rolling Mills
Rolling Mills has a cooling bed and rolling bed. Plant designers will need Pinion stand gearboxes, helical geared motors and worm geared motors.

5. Textile
Many textile manufacturing plants have conveyors, thus the plant supervisor has to look into the overall design and will need helical geared motors, worm gearboxes, and worm geared motors to run the plant efficiently!

6. Chemicals
Plants of the chemical industries have blenders who run effectively on helical and planetary gears. The chemical plant will also require stirred worm, helical and planetary gearboxes.

7. Water Treatment Plants
Beverage Industries depend on water treatment plants as the treatment makes their beverage unique. While installing a water treatment plant, the plant designer should get power transmission products such as worm gearboxes for conveyor as well as stirring.

8. Road Construction
There are different road construction plants, needed for preparing concrete, asphalt or another mixing. There are three different plant types with their power transmission requirement.

  • Wet mix plants- require gearboxes
  • Drum mix plants- requires worm gearboxes
  • Concrete batching plants- requires geared motors

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