Certain Things That You Never Knew About Gearboxes

“Push yourself to the limit” I always believe that the only way to improve or succeed is to push yourself. Roads of life are guaranteed with ups and downs and in order to get the high power you need to receive high torque. Now, what is a torque? Most of us use this term to describe the force causing rotation in a vehicle. Whether you are climbing hills or starting your ride, an automobile always requires a high torque to proceed until and unless you are not running at high speeds on level roads.

So, basically, you need to change the vehicle’s torque and speed according to the existing road conditions. And the device used to change such situations is known as a transmission box or Gearbox in an automobile.

What is a Worm Gearbox?

Worm GearboxA gearbox located at the junction point of a power shaft is a mechanical device used to transfer energy as well as change the speed and torque of the vehicle right on the basis of road and load conditions. Now a car’s engine cannot be directly attached to the wheels, a gearbox, be it Worm Gearbox or any other is installed to change the ratio between the engine’s rotational speed and that of the wheels. Some of the main functions of the device include:-

  • Provide the torque when in need
  • To enable freewheel or neutral position
  • Be shifted to reverse so that the vehicle can move backward

It’s components!

A good device is made by comprising two or more components and making them work together efficiently. Similarly, here I would like to mention some of the essential components used in the making of a gearbox.

Counter shaft- It is a shaft which connects with the clutch shaft on the direct basis. Moreover, it comprises of the gears which connect to the clutch shaft as well as the main shaft. So, depending on the gear ratio, it may or may not run the engine at speed.

Main shaft- The main shaft runs at the vehicle speed. It receives power from the counter shaft and tends to run at different speeds and torque. This shaft is directly connected to the universal shaft.

Perpetuum mobile GearsGears- Gears are used to transmit the power from one shaft to another and it is considered as one of the essential components of any Power Transmission Product.

Bearings- When there is a need for rotary motion, bearings are required to ease the revolving part and reduce the friction. Besides, in any gearbox both counter shaft and main shafts are supported with the help of bearings.

Its types!

Times have changed. As the new technology enters into each and every corner of the world, you are surrounded by a multiple range of choices which gets pretty confusing at times. Henceforth, here down below I is mentioning different gearboxes specifically designed for different industrial applications.

✦ Helical Gearbox- These gearboxes are pretty compact in size and used in a variety of industries such as plastic, rubber, cement, etc. Such kind of gearboxes is more preferred for low power consumption and thus are used in cooler drives, drive conveyors, crushers, plastic Extruders, etc.

gearbox✦ Worm Gearboxes- Worm Gearboxes are chosen only because of their ability to drive heavy duty operations such as fertilizers, mineral, cranes, elevators, extruder, packaging, mixers, cooler towers, chemical industries and so forth. Besides, these products require semi-skilled manpower for maintenance.

Bevel Helical Gearboxes These gearboxes requires a team of highly skilled manpower for maintenance and are considered to be ideal for high power transmission systems. Some of its major applications include- conveyors, toasters, bucket elevators, mixers, coal pulverizing mills, etc.

Gearboxes and such power transmission products are used to match up the operations in a fast mode with mechanical power. And Santram Engineers is the name to consider for such premium quality products.

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