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Cooling Tower MotorOur Company Offers A Varied Range Of Hindustan Make Industrial Cooling Tower Motors.
Cooling Tower Motors Are Designed Flanged Mounted Motors In Totally Enclosed Construction Which Suits Various Industries Such As Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Industries.

Cooling Tower Motor Product Specifications :

  • These Motors Are Light In Weight, Have A Compact Design .
  • They Are Designed Using The Latest Technology, Making Them High Performance Motors Which Consume Less Electricity And Also Cause The Maintenace Cost To be Low.
  • Increased Effeciency And Power Factor Performance.
  • For Better Cooling Of The Motor , The Special Long Shaft Construction With External Threaded End Are Provided To Mount The Fan Blades Directly.

Cooling Tower Motor Technical Specifications:

Frames:  71 to 315
Rating:  0.37 to 22.0 kW
Poles :  4, 6, 8, 10 & 12
Mountings:  B3 or B5
Protection:  IP55
Enclosure: Totally enclosed (TE)

Applications :

  • Wet And Dry Cooling Tower
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Air Cooled Condensers

Industries :

  • Chemical
  • Oil And Gas
  • HVAC