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Industrial Worm Gearboxes

Features and Applications of Gearboxes

Industrial gearboxes are used to modify the ratio of speed sent to the transmitted power. For light duty industrial automation applications, industrial gearboxes, mechanical speed variator, and gear motors smoothen the flow of operations. Whatever gearbox you pick look for…

Worm Gearboxes

Gearboxes for Better Vehicle Care

We all love our vehicles a lot. They are the best modes of transportation. A personal vehicle means no need to wait in long queues to catch a bus or tube to work. However, our vehicles do need to be…

Industrial Gearbox

Different Usages Of Gearboxes In Different Industries

In today’s industrial world, gearboxes play an important role in handling different industrial and mending functionalities. Defining a gearbox will give you the box that contains succession of gears attached with a gear knob that works towards providing the speed…

Worm Gearbox

Which Type Of Transmission Should You Get For Your Car?

Modern cars are full of choices and selecting the right manual or automatic transmission is just a small yet crucial aspect of your ride. Earlier, choosing a transmission was all about choosing one of the two types; a manual transmission…

Helical Gearbox

Helical Gearbox: Understand It’s Advantages And Applications

What are gears and gearboxes? A gear is a rotating machine part featuring cut teeth or cogs, which is supposed to mesh with another toothed part in order to transmit torque. In a layman’s language, gears are one of the…

Power Transmission Products

A Very Short Introduction To The Components Of A Transmission System

Have you ever wondered what makes your car move? It is the transmission system that helps to supply/transmit mechanical power from the car engine to the wheels. The transmission system basically includes clutch, gearbox (also known as transmission), drive shaft…

extruder gearboxes

How Is The Gearbox In Automobile Different From That Of The Industry?

Presently, gearboxes are widely being used in different fields to serve for a variety of purposes and applications. And this may be the reason why more and more Industrial Gearboxes are manufactured with unique features and functions. From electric motors…


Certain Things That You Never Knew About Gearboxes

“Push yourself to the limit” I always believe that the only way to improve or succeed is to push yourself. Roads of life are guaranteed with ups and downs and in order to get the high power you need to…